What the Health?

What the Health?

Thoughts of Hope

July 18, 2017


My life has just changed in a dramatic way.vegan-etikett.jpg

Or am I being dramatic?

Well, that depends on your personal opinion. I am a woman who values her body as a temple. I literally worship my body and I am DAMN proud of it. You only get one and I will make sure mine is taken care of.

A few days ago my boyfriend and I decided to have a movie night. We watched a documentary called “What the Health” [my boyfriend’s pick, available on Netflix]. It was fabulous, insightful and very eye opening. I honestly do not think I can fit every single thing I learned into this blog.

What’s the big change you’re wondering?

My boyfriend AND I are deciding to start eating vegan! Mostly vegan I suppose, we don’t want to cut out wild caught fish because out of all the meats it is the lesser evil and there’s plenty of ways to spice up fish.There has been plenty of thought behind this and it is something I think we can do fairly easily (especially after watching the documentary]. Wellllll, I think I can do it a little easier than my boyfriend just because I’m lactose intolerant so I haven’t had dairy products in more than a year. I don’t even remember what they taste like! **Obviously there is more associated with being vegan like non-vegan products but this is focusing on food**

So far everything has been smooth. My boyfriend swears he’s starving but he’s living by the diet and he’s been eating good. His brain still has to adapt to wanting naturally sweetened foods versus loaded-with-sugar foods. I have been researching many vegan meals to make for lunches and dinner so I will definitely post them to my blog in due time! If you have any recipe suggestions leave them in the comments below!


If you’re wondering why we decided to opt for a vegan diet it’s a good thing I made this list of reasons:

  1. Bacon & Sausage are carcinogenic (CANCER causing) to humans.

    [sources:  Aubrey, Allison. “Bad day for bacon: Processed Meats Cause Cancer WHO Says”. npr: the salt. Oct. 2015, “Carcinogenicity of consumption of red and processed meat”. The Lancet Oncology. Vol. 16. 2015 , “IARC Monographs evaluate consumption of red meat and processed meat”. World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer. PRESS RELEASE N.240. Oct. 2015]

-The American Cancer Society encourages eating processed turkey and canned meats. [Shopping List: Basic Ingredients for a Healthy Kitchen- The American Cancer Society] In the U.S. 1 out of 4 deaths is from cancer.

-One serving of processed meats a day increases your risk of diabetes by 51%.

[Pan, An, et al “Reat meat Consumption and risk of type 2 diabetes: 3 cohorts of US adults and an updated meta-analysis”. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. August 2011, Micha, Renata, et al “Unprocessed Red and Processed Meats and Risk of Coronary Artery Disease and Type 2 Diabetes- An Updated Review of the Evidence”. Current atherosclerosis reports. 2012 Dec;14(6): 515-524]

-The American Diabetes Association features recipes for red meat and processed meats.

[“RECIPES FOR HEALTHY LIVING”. American Diabetes Association, “RECIPES FOR HEALTHY LIVING: Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp”. American Diabetes Association]


2. There is such a thing as “Blood Vessel Dementia”. This happens when a steady stream of of fat and cholesterol clog your arteries

 [Morris, Martha Claire, Tangney, Christine C, “Dietary fat composition and dementia risk”. Neurobiology of Aging. 2014 Sep; 35 Suppl 2: S59-S64]

-The leading source of sodium in the American diet for adults is chicken. [Drewnowski, Adam & Rehm, Colin D “Sodium Intakes of US Children and Adults from Foods and Beverages by Location of Origin and by Specific Food Source”. Nutrients. 2013; 5(6): 1840-1855, “What are they pumping into your chicken?” Consumers Union]


3. Heterocyclic Amines are carcinogens. Find out what that is here.. You probably should definitely find out what these are.

[“Chemicals in Meat Cooked at High Temperatures and Cancer Risk”. National Cancer Institute, Greger, M.D, Michael “Fast Food Tested for Carcinogens”. NutritionFacts.org video. Volume 3. November 18th, 2009]



[Greger, M.D., Michael “Who Says Eggs Aren’t Healthy or Safe?”. NutritionFacts.org video. Volume 17. Feb. 17th, 2014, Greger, M.D., Michael “Eggs & Cholesterol: Patently False and Misleading Claims”. Volume 13. July 3rd, 2013]

5. #1 source of saturated fat is DAIRY. [ i knew there was a reason i couldn’t handle dairy 😉 ]

6. Just because you are genetically predisposed to a disease does not mean you will get it. IMPORTANT:

[Willett, Walter C, et al “Prevention of Chronic Disease by Means of Diet and Lifestyle Changes”.  Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries. 2nd edition. Chapter 44, “Genes and human disease”. World Health Organization]

7. The American Heart Association recommends beef and pork…

[“Beef”. American Heart Association, “Pork”. American Heart Association] Do not ever buy farm raised fish.

8. If you are going to eat seafood make sure it is WILD CAUGHT.

[“Fish”. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, “Cholesterol in Fish”. Fatsecret]

9. Commercial animals are largely fed GMO corn and GMO soy. Gross.

[“Contribution of GM Technology to the Livestock Sector”. International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications. Pocket K No. 11]

Eating organic meat does not help avoid contaminants.

[Hernandez, Angel Rodriguez, et al “Consumption of organic meat does not diminish the carcinogenic potential associated with the intake of persistent organic pollutants (POPs)” Environmental Science and Pollution Research. April 2015, McMahon, Jeff “Radioactive Strontium Found in Hil, Hawaii Milk”. Forbes. April 27, 2011]52199f2facdb34c8c70da5d0d3c32ec6 .jpeg

10. Let’s say that I won’t [if I could] drink ANY milk if I were to be pregnant. There is a strong link between dairy and autoimmune diseases.

[“Q & A: Diet, Arthritis and Autoimmune Diseases”. Michael Klaper, M.D. Nutrition-Based Medicine., “Foods and Arthritis”. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Maslova, Ekaterina, et al “Low-fat yoghurt intake in pregnancy associated with increased child asthma and allergic rhinitis risk: a prospective cohort study”. Journal of Nutritional Science. 2012. July 6, Greger, M.D, Michael “Treating Multiple Sclerosis with the Swank MS Diet”. NutritionFacts.org video. Volume 15. September 25th, 2013, Yadav, Vijayshree, et al “Low-fat, plant-based diet in multiple sclerosis: A randomized controlled trial”. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders 9 (2016) 80-90, “The Multiple Sclerosis and Diet Saga”. McDougall Newsletter, Villagran-Garcia, Edna F, et al “Introduction of pasteurized/raw cow’s milk during the second semester of life as a risk factor of type 1 diabetes mellitus in school children and adolescents”,Nutricion Hospitalaria. 2015; 32(2): 634-637]

-Milk is a HORMONAL fluid. Why do you think girls are starting their periods at such young ages and developing WAY earlier than when we grew up?

[“Study Suggests Full-Fat Dairy Products May Be Linked to Worse Survival” BreastCancer.org, Malekinejad, Haasan & Rezabakhsh, Aysa “Hormones in Dairy Foods and Their Impact on Public Health – A Narrative Review Article”. Iranian Journal of Public Health. 2015 Jun; 44(6): 742-758]

Dairy products have pus…ew… ?

[“Determining U.S. Milk Quality Using Bulk Tank Somatic Cell Counts, 2013”. USDA APHIS Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health Sep. 2014]

Curious as to how much pus is in your milk? I did the lookin’ for you- “Somatic cell counts greater than a million per teaspoon are abnormal and “almost always” caused by mastitis. When a cow is infected, greater than 90% of the somatic cells in her milk are neutrophils, the inflammatory immune cells that form pus. The average somatic cell count in U.S. milk per spoonful is 1,120,000.”


-Milk does not actually build strong bones. It actually turns out that countries with the highest rate of dairy consumption have the highest rate of osteoporosis!

[Michaelsson, Karl, et al “Milk intake and risk of mortality and fractures in women and men: cohort studies”. British Medical Journal 2014, 349, Lanou, Amy Joy “Bone health in children”. British Medical Journal. 2006 Oct 14; 333(7252): 763-764, Feskanich, Diane, et al “Calcium, vitamin D, milk consumption, and hip fractures: a prospective study among postmenopausal women”. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Feb 2003 vol. 77 no.2 504-511,Dhanwal, Dinesh K, et al “Epidemiology of hip fracture: Worldwide geographic variation”. Indian Journal of Orthopaedics. 2011 Jan-Mar; 45(1): 15-22, “Global Consumption of Dairy Products”. Canadian Dairy Information Center. ]

-Dairy is linked to many different types of cancer. [Including Ovarian!!!]

[Kroenke, Candyce H, et al “High-and Low-Fat Dairy Intake, Recurrence, and Mortality After Breast Cancer Diagnosis”. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Volume 105, Issue 9, 1 may 2013, Hausen, Harold zur & Villiers, Ethel-Michele de “Daily cattle serum and milk factors contributing to the risk of colon and breast cancers”. International Journal of Cancer: 137, 959-967 (2015), Karger “Consumption of Cow’s Milk and Possible Risk of Breast Cancer”. Breast Care (Basel). 2010 Mar; 5(1): 44-46, “Risk factors for prostate cancer”. Canadian Cancer Society, Gao, Xiang, et al “Prospective Studies of Dairy Product and Calcium Intakes and Prostate Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis”. Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 97, No. 23, Dec. 7, 2005]

Dairy products increase the risk of cancer related to your hormones..hmm funny..

[Barnard, M.D., Neal D. “Milk Consumption and Prostate Cancer”. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Chan, June M., et al “Dairy products, calcium and prostate cancer risk in the Physicians’ Health Study”. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Oct. 2001 vol. 74 no. 4 549-554]

11. Only 5%-10% of cancer is genetic.

[“Family Cancer Syndromes”. American Cancer Society, “The Genetics of Cancer”. National Cancer Institute]

-ANY Animal protein boosts the level of cancer promoting growth hormone IGF-1.

[Greger, M.D, Michael “Protein Intake & IGF-1 Production”, NutritionFacts.org video. Vol. 10, Oct. 2012]

-DAIRY can increase a man’s risk of getting prostate cancer by 34%

[“Milk and Prostate Cancer: The Evidence Mounts”. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine].


 [Kroenke, Candayce H., et al “High-and Low-Fat Dairy Intake, Recurrence, and Mortality After Breast Cancer Diagnosis”. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Volume 105, Issue 9. May 2013]

Isn’t that funny we see SUSAN G KOMEN pink ribbons on DAIRY YOGURT CONTAINERS?


[Greger, M.D., Michael “Cow’s Milk Casomorphin & Autism”. NutritionFacts.org video. Volume 8, May 9th, 2012, Kost, Natalya V, et al “B-Casomorphins-7 in infants on different type of feeding and different levels of psychomotor development”. Peptides 30(10): 1854-1860 August 2009, Greger, M.D., Michael “Cow’s Milk Consumption & Crib Death”. NutritionFacts.org video. Volume 8. May 8th, 2012, Noni, Ivano De, et al “Review of the potential health impact of B-casomorphins and related peptides”. European Food Safety Authority Scientific Report (2009) 231, 1-107]

What abooooout human breast milk??



12. There are at least 450 drugs administered to animals.

[“America’s Secret Animal Drug Problem”. Center for Food Safety. Executive Summary September 2015, “Treatments for Dairy Cattle A-Z”. Drugs.com: Know more. Be sure.]

-Big Pharma sells 80% of all antibiotics made in the U.S. to animal agriculture.

[Loglishi, Ralph F. “Animals Consume Lion’s Share of Antibiotics”. Food Safety News. Dec. 27, 2010, “2009 Summary Report on Antimicrobials Sold or Distributed for Use in Food-Producing Animals”. FDA: Department of Health & Human Services Sep. 2014, “FSIS National Residue Program for Cattle”. USDA Office of Inspector General. March 2010, Greger, M.D., Michael “Drug Residues in Meat”. NutritionFacts.org video. Volume 4. October 18th, 2010, “Antibiotic Resistance: NARMS- Combatting Antibiotic Resistance with Surveillance”. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]

13. You would be surprised to see who the sponsors of these associations are..

-American Diabetes Association

[“National Sponsors: Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt”. American Diabetes Association]

-American Cancer Society

[“3.4- Hunger Relief, Charitable Giving, and Community Support”. Tyson Sustainability Report, “Corporate Alliances: Pizza Hut”. American Cancer Society]

-Susan G. Komen

[Kinsman, Kat “Activists call foul on KFC bucket campaign”. CNN. April 28, 2010, “Learn More About Those Who Do More: Dietz & Watson, INC.”. Susan G. Komen, “Yoplait Announces Expanded Commitment to Breast Cancer Cause by Raising the Bar for Support to Long-Time Partner Susan G. Komen for the Cure”. Business Wire]

-American Heart Association

[“Texas Beef Council partners with American Heart Association”. Progressive Cattlemen, “American Heart Association Certifies Three More Beef Cuts”. South Dakota Beef Industy Council, “Fostering and Developing Relationships with Influencers”. Kentucky Beef Council 2013 Annual Report, “Health and Nutrition”. Tyson Foods, Inc. , “Unilever awarded American Heart Association Fit-friendly Award”. Unilever 2015, “National Supporters and Sponsors”. American Heart Association, “Awards & Recognition”. Conagra Brands, “Meet Our Sponsors: Thank You to Our Sponsors: Cargil, Inc.”. American Heart Association]


All of that was just a little disgusting for my boyfriend and I. He literally had to pause the movie halfway through because he thought he was going to vomit after learning so many disgusting things. I do not think a post does the docu any justice and I definitely do not have every single fact that I found related to “What the Health” listed here but the movie is on Netflix and if you go to their website you can find their sources! Take an hour and some minutes out of your day and take time for your health–it’s important!

Am I still going to make and post non-vegan recipes?

Great question, wow, amazing.

The answer is kind of. I will post the recipe as I make it [in vegan form] and I will also list the “original” ingredient right beside it. The rest is up to you.

I hope you found all of this somewhat insightful and life changing, I know I did!

Comment your thoughts below.



**not pushing views on anybody, only facts**


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