About Me


Thanks for checking out my page! My name is Morgan and I take care of everythingggg around here. I’m working towards a Bachelors degree, but that doesn’t stop me from making time for my passions of writing, blogging and [recently] vlogging!! I live with my long-term boyfriend and our spoiled, chunky feline. She’s the center of our lives, if you can’t tell.

I started Thoughts of Hope with the intentions of strictly posting how to live an organic, all natural life style on a budget. However, that’s not how everything turned out. I quickly found that I HAVE so much more to stay than just that! My thoughts and opinions just couldn’t hold back. You will find a multitude of different topics on my blog and youtube channel. Here you will find thoughts/opinions, recipes and all natural remedies! On my vlog you will see a much broader ME, and definitely more of my personality, which can be good or bad. But I am me, and that is a promise.

All of the views on this page are MINE, there are NO endorsements!

I hope you stick around and relax for awhile,

Morgan Hope.